Prescriptions & Appointments

We are very pleased to announce that it is now possible to order your repeat prescriptions and book appointments through our website. To do this you will need to either contact the dispensary or reception team or send an email to the practice manager by clicking here. You will need to give your full name, date of birth and postcode. A letter will then be sent to your home address giving you all of the information you need to allow you to log on. Add an image description

Please click here to access SystmOnline to book appointments or order your medication.

It is very important that when you order your medication online you make us aware of which surgery you will be collecting it from. Therefore would you please ensure that in the message box you let us know if it is Caythorpe surgery or Ancaster surgery.

Please do not order repeat medication if your review date has expired, you will need to book an appointment to see a Doctor.

Why not remove the pressure from ordering? If you order your medication 2 weeks before you need it, you know that it will always be ready whenever you want to collect it. We really appreciate as much notice as you can possibly give us.